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Sanitizing Elevator


For when you don’t know where to start, how to continue your processes, or who to turn to...

Social Bands - Social Distancing Programming Implementation

Wearable color-coded bracelets that communicate your social distancing preferences

  • RedSocial Distancing - Remain 6 feet away

  • YellowElbows Only

  • GreenSafe & Comfortable to continue with close contact such as handshakes.

  • Activation Environments: Trade shows, Office Buildings, Churches, Cruise Ships, Events

  • Package includes: bracelets, pop up banners explaining color coding levels, & directions on how to activate a social distancing program in any environment.


3D Virtualization of Spaces

  • Software Creation of 2D & 3D Social Distancing Layouts of any space prior to entry

  • Within minutes create, configure, or update spaces to meet the latest social distancing

  • requirements in any space.

  • Activation Environments: Schools, Office Environments, Events, Meetings, etc.

  • Do-it-Yourself Option OR have our design team create it for you w/ a template

  • 3D video after completing your design to visualize a walkthrough of all spaces o

  • Customizable Options with PPE & Social Distancing Signage

Onsite COVID-19 Mitigation Testing

  • Mobile Provider of Covid Screen Solutions

  • Onsite Covid Testing w/ onsite nursing team

  • Initial Results within 15 minutes of testing

  • PCR & Antibody (alerts you of current status & previous status if previously affected)

  • Advance Payment Onsite or Insurance Payment Options

  • Every Major Metro Market Nationally

onsite testing.png
Temperature Check

Infrared Temperature Check Kiosks, Temperature Scanners & Mass Temp Entry

  • Portable & Mobile Kiosks & Stations

  • Verify MOST ACCURATE Temperature in seconds from 13 feet away with no human manipulation.

  • Monitor up to 300 ppl per minute

  • Touchless Screening for Elevated Temperatures

  • A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Technology: provides BOTH thermal & visual light channels that measure 1000 facial & forehead focus points

  • Generates alarm in customized Settings when fever is detected o Preserves Social Distancing & Contact Tracing

  • Custom Results to Mobile App

  • Integration with HR Attendance Technology

Digital Emergency & Wayfinding Informational Signage

  • Touchscreen Digital Displays & Monitors

  • Give information on latest emergency procedures, care of duty statements, directions to key places on cloud-based system to all existing or purchased monitors in real time

  • Environmental Activation Areas:

    • ​Campus cafés

    • Onsite gyms

    • Lobby areas

    • Virtual Reception PRIOR to entry

    • Pre-entrynotifications

Image by John Cameron
Business Consultant

Liability Waiver & Emergency Preparedeness Planning Consultancy: Real World Emergency Responders for your Offices, Events, Venues, or schools

  • Emergency Operations Implementation Collaborative Planning o Emergency Planning Template options

  • Crisis Communication & Management

  • Risk, Vulnerability, & Threat Assessments

  • Business or Event Continuity, & Reputation Management

  • Active Shooter Response, Evacuation, Natural Disasters

  • Onsite Continuity & Emergency Management Assistance

  • Activation options include: Events, Meetings, Office Environments

  • Downloadable Step by Step Guides to be proactive in an emergency for key staff and personnel

Event Insurance: Refunds 100% of all registration costs

  • Comprehensive Protection for Event, Staff, Attendees & Exhibitors

  • Event Cancellation Insurance: for event organizers against cancellation, postponement

  • for reasons beyond your control

  • Exhibitor Liability Insurance: for sponsors or event exhibitors

  • Inability to Attend Insurance: Registration Refund Insurance for Attendee

Temperature Check
Modern House

Emergency Housing

  • Continuity Off Site Housing Options for activation should emergency housing be needed in cases of pandemic, sickness, or emergency situational breakouts.

  • Fully furnished luxury housing

  • Locations in every metro area domestically

  • Options to stock housing with PPE supplies & technology


  • Virtual Online Workplace and Event Safety Digital Platform

  • Intelligently streamlines COVID-19 digital health CDC-recommended screenings, test results and incident management for your workforce and events.

  • Delightfully automates the COVID-19 user experience for your employees, customers and event attendees.

  • Champions real-time reporting of data so that you have the visibility you need to manage your daily operations successfully and restore confidence.

  • Our Strategic Alliance, VOW Digital Health is proud to partner and leverage IBM’s leading-edge technology combined with a comprehensive ecosystem of testing and resources to help you get live back to life

Video Conference
Nurse with Protective Mask

Pandemic Contact Tracing & Crisis Management Online Systems & Applications

  • In Real Time Instantly Identify & Communicate within seconds of a confirmed case of

  • Covid19, Disaster, or Emergency that may arise in your workplace, event, or operation

  • to thousands of users and stakeholders
    o Stakeholders can control the messaging and next steps o Capture Direct and Indirect Exposure

OnSite Covid Compliance Officers 

  • The COVID-19 Compliance Officer will provide COVID-19 safety plan oversight and enforcement to onsite staff, teams, stakeholders, and attendees.

  • Facilitate training and education on health and safety with staff, teams, stakeholders, and attendees

  • Oversee and monitor physical distancing, testing, symptom monitoring, disinfecting protocols

  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) education, protocols and ensure adherence

  • Implement policies and procedures related to infection prevention practices including COVID-19 prevention, disinfection, and PPE

  • Proactively engage with staff, teams, stakeholders, and attendees, to ensure they are adhering to COVID-19 safety plan

compliance officer.jpeg

Certification Assistance & Consulting

  • Pandemic Compliance Officer (PCA) – Meetings & Events Based

    • As face-to-face (F2F) meetings begin to reopen amidst COVID-19 & Other Epidemics and Pandemics, the need to implement new safety protocols has emerged. To operate F2F meetings responsibly during a pandemic, it is vital that we take action to ensure participants, suppliers, and staff are protected within the scope of our meetings from contracting or spreading a communicable disease. Going beyond the basics of social distancing, mask-wearing, and frequent hand sanitization, there are myriad considerations to cultivate safe environments.

    • This class will define the role and describe the responsibilities of the Pandemic Compliance Advisor (PCA) whose duty is to ensure that these safe practices are implemented, communicated, and effectively carried out throughout the entire meeting cycle. Whether you plan to serve in this role, delegate, or contract coverage, this course will help you to ensure best practices for the safest execution of your F2F meetings.

  • Covid 19 Compliance Officer (C19CO)- Entertainment Based

    • As film, commercial, music video, and photo shoots begin to open across the country, a need has emerged for a new crew position: COVID-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO). Shoots are often places where food is shared, people work closely with one another, and social distancing is often not possible. We have designed this non-union class to inform producers, coordinators, production assistants, and 1st ADs about on-set protocols related to COVID-19 as well as provide tools and resources for the new COVID-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO) position.

Team Training Courses & Assesments

  • GeorgiaFilmAcademyCOVID-19Compliance
    o Health Education Services COVID-19 Safety Compliance Officers o JohnsHopkinsCOVID-19ContactTracing
    o OSHA COVID-19 Awareness
    o Safe Sets COVID-19 for Film and Video Production
    o WHO COVID-19 Mass Gatherings Risk Assessment
    o WHO Standard Precautions & Environmental Cleaning

Brainstorming with Mask
Sanitizing Surfaces

Onsite Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing of Spaces (Per IPC Standards)

  • Services will vary depending on venue

Charter Services

  • The safer and more private alternative to commercial. Now fly your entire teams on Private Charter Airline Options that are fully sanitized, with state-of-the-art sprayer technology, to ensure a smooth and safe transition from takeoff to landing. The charters will come stocked with full access to PPE options onboard.  

Image by Macau Photo Agency
Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

Health & Wellness Suite

  • Manage your event or business needs during and post SARS CoV-2

  • Full-Service clinic onsite not just for Covid Concerns but for ANY medical and health concerns that may arise

  • Rapid Antigen Test kits & Logistics provided if needed per person

  • Clinic provides all required PPEs

  • Clinic provides ONLY legally and medically certified & trained  Doctor & Nursing teams

  • Clinic provides telehealth back up providers for non-suite hours or to coordinate with patient’s

  • home primary care physician

  • Clinic provides assigned onsite medical logistics coordinator to work directly with your staff as a liaison between medical suite and your attendees

  • Clinic provides disposal of medical waste

  • Clinic can provide in room-guestroom “house calls” from Doctor on duty to triage ANY case onsite

  • Clinic provides 24–48-hour turnaround on ALL PCR tests needed for travel

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