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  • Removalable Adhesive
  • Approved by independent lab to BS EN ISO 22196 global antimicobial standard
  • Eradicates the bacteria which cause contamination and infection, as well as those responsible for odors and staining
  • Offers continuous and permanent protection against microbes
  • Excellent protection against Bacteria, Biofilm, Fungi and Mould
  •  Proven Efficacy: 99.99% reduction of bacterial growth
  • Active 24/7: Consistently present on the surface of treated materials, ready to release 24/7
  • Added levels of protection: Complements and extends the effectiveness of standard chemical cleaning routines
  • Durable: Remains effective even if the surface is chipped or scratched.
  • Non-leaching: Stays inert until it releases the antimicrobial element just enough to inhibit the bacteria's metabolism and prevent reproduction. The technology does not wash off, wear away or leach out of the materials.

Antimicrobial door push guard

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